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Hola, I’m John – aka Johnny by my Puerto Rican family. I grew up in NJ, outside of NYC, and studied in Boston, Berlin, + NYC. Colón Creative Co. was created to create. The prefix 'co-' represents my goal to create together, with you. I'm a design thinker, meaning I emphasize process + innovative solutions. But let's have fun, no matter how big a project. So here's some introductory work I hope you can enjoy and maybe someday we can co-create.


After some time living in Ithaca, NY, I’m back in the Hudson Valley – from Germantown to Fishkill – and work at a former factory in Beacon, adaptively reused as a museum that displays art from the ‘60s to the present, inspiring my ambition to see and help others see objects + spaces from a new perspective. Sure, there’s some experience on paper but in real life, most things are just an experiment to me. So help me keep learning.


Let’s try and understand the natural and built environment as it relates to the human experience. Let's combine subjectivity, objectivity, and practicality. My work is up for interpretation. Your perception of my intention can be anything – from cooperation to competition + problem to opportunity. The solution is in your hands, but let me help you think holistically. And again, let’s have fun! Reach out to collaborate. Or just say hi.

john colón // side portrait
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